Coming Up With Creative Ideas For A Do-It-Yourself Photo Booth Backdrop

Adding a creative backdrop to your photo booth can be a great way to give the resulting photos more life and to make them more visually interesting. Whether you need a backdrop for a school dance, a wedding, a corporate event, or any other occasion, there are a lot of ways that you can get inspired. Here are some tips on how to come up with creative ideas for a do-it-yourself photo booth backdrop:

1. Think about the overall theme of the event. For instance, if you are setting up a photo booth for your wedding, you should consider matching the colors of the backdrop to your wedding colors. For a corporate event, on the other hand, you could take cues for the backdrop from your industry or from your company’s branding.

Do you want a backdrop that is lighthearted and fun or that leans more toward looking professional? What is the overall feeling that you want the photographs to have? The answers to these questions can help you design a backdrop that is appropriate and that will give your photos the overall look that you are going for.

2. Browse the Internet for ideas. One of the best ways to get inspired is simply by looking at photos of what other people have done before. Search online for DIY photo booth backdrops to see what comes up. You may be surprised by just how many creative ideas there are out there.

Try doing an image search in your favorite search engine. Look through all of the photos that come up to see if any of them catch your eye. When you click on the photo, it should take you to a webpage that explains how to create the backdrop yourself. Be sure to bookmark any ideas that you like so that you can refer back to them later.

3. Keep it simple. A photo booth backdrop doesn’t have to be elaborate to look great in photos. If you can’t come up with any really creative ideas, you can always fall back on traditional options such as a beautiful piece of fabric. Other simple ideas that you can use include setting up a pretty panel screen, hanging streamers, or painting a large board. Although none of these ideas are particularly creative, they can make fantastic backdrops in a pinch.

Whichever option you choose, be sure to experiment before the day of your event to see what the photos come out looking like. You may need to make minor tweaks to your backdrop to get it to look good in photographs.

Coming up with ideas for a do-it-yourself photo booth backdrop is relatively easy. Implementing them, on the other hand, is a little bit harder. As long as you are willing to put in a little bit of time creating the backdrop, however, you should be able to make something by hand that looks totally professional in photos. Seeing the finished backdrop behind the smiling faces of your guests is well worth the effort.

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The Best Do-It-Yourself Photo Booth Ideas by

Are you interested in having a photo booth at your next event? If you are, you don’t necessarily have to rent a booth. You should be able to set up your own booth. If you utilize these simple do-it-yourself photo booth ideas, you’ll be able to create a booth that all of your guests will love.

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Create A Backdrop

If you want to get the classic photo booth effect, you’re going to have to create some sort of backdrop. Ideally, that backdrop should be either black or white. A solid neutral color is a perfect backdrop for photos.

There are several different ways to create a backdrop. You could hang a sheet from the wall. Photographers do something similar when they want to create a backdrop. You could also hang up a piece of construction paper. If you do this, make sure that the paper is large enough. You’ll need your paper to be significantly taller and wider than the people that are posing for pictures.

Pick Up Plenty Of Props

Props are one of the most appealing components of photo booths. People can take pictures at any time, but they don’t always have props to pose with.

If you don’t have any props on hand, you should be able to pick up what you need at a local costume store. You don’t have to buy full costumes. Small pieces, like hats or feather boas, should be able to work for the picture.

If you’re trying to cut back your spending, you could pick up some of your props at a local thrift store. This will allow you to get what you want for less. You could even pick up some costume jewelry there.

Find A Camera

If you don’t have a high-end camera, you don’t have to worry. You can use all kinds of cameras for a photo booth. A lot of people use the cameras on their phones.

If you’re building your own photo booth, you’re probably going to want to have someone on camera duty. You could offer to take pictures for anyone that wants to pose in the booth.

You could also allow people to take their own pictures. Since nearly everyone carries a phone with a camera, most people should be able to take pictures themselves.

Create A Place For People To Share Their Pictures

You should try to catalog all of the pictures from your event in one place. You may want to create a Facebook group or a gallery for the event. You can host all of the pictures there.

If someone wants to see the images that you have taken, they’ll be able to check them out. This will allow other people to feel like they were a part of the event.

Do you want to create a do-it-yourself photo booth? If you do, you’ll want to explore some of these ideas. All of these ideas are easy to implement. You should be able to create an amazing photo booth without any problems.

How To Repair A Truck Bed Cover When You’re On Set And In A Bind

Sometimes you’re out shooting photos on the set, and something goes wrong. Now, It wasn’t necessarily the design. We were crawling all over the thing to get the perfect shots for the client. Nonetheless, here’s how we repaired it and were able to get the photo shoot to go well.

Featured Photographer: Mrs G

Installing a tonneau cover on your truck is an ideal option if you need to protect cargo from bad weather and from potential burglars. A tonneau cover will also protect your truck bed from damages. Tonneau covers can go through a lot of wear and tear and you might have to fix your cover.

You can fix a tonneau cover yourself if it is not too badly damaged. Trust us, we know. Holes and tears can appear in your cover and can be fixed with a simple repair kit. You can find liquid patch repair kits that are a good option if you only need to fix a small hole. It is best to purchase a patch that you can apply over a larger tear if a liquid repair kit will not be enough to cover the tear or hole.

You might also have to replace fasteners or other parts that are needed to properly attach the tonneau cover over the truck bed. You can fix your tonneau cover by ordering new fasteners or buttons but make sure you purchase parts that will be compatible with your cover. A broken fastener or missing button might not seem like a major issue but it could actually result in damages to the rest of the cover and might make it difficult to keep the cover in place.

There might be issue with the tension in your cover. If you cannot keep the tonneau cover tight enough over the truck bed, try adjusting the tension in the plungers located at the front of the tonneau cover. If the plungers do not work properly or if you constantly have to adjust the tension, replace the plungers.

You can repair your tonneau cover yourself if the issue is easy to identify and if you are confident that you will be able to install the repair kit or replace the missing or damaged part. However, it might be best to take your tonneau cover to a professional repairman if you do not have the right tools or are not sure how to fix the issue.

You can prevent damages to your tonneau cover by checking it regularly to make sure it is properly attached to the truck bed. Check the tension in the cover and adjust it when needed. Remove and store the cover properly when you don’t need it and clean it regularly with some water and dish soap. If your cover is damaged and difficult or too expensive to fix, you should consider buying a new one instead.

You can fix a tonneau cover yourself as long as no major repairs are needed. It is usually best to buy a new cover instead of paying for major repairs. If there is a problem with your tonneau cover, try fixing it as soon as possible since driving with a damaged tonneau cover could cause more tears in the cover and could even result in damages to your cargo. Look for a professional repairman if you are not sure how to fix your tonneau cover! Better yet, find a professional photographer who’s had to repair one in a hurry.

The 3D Robotics Solo – Smarter Than Your Average Drone

3dr solo drone
Here’s the underbelly of the 3dr solo, with a look into it’s innards… Schweet!

Drones. They came while they were powerful, and it was only a matter of time until they turned smart. The launch of the 3d Robotics solo is the true manifestation of a smart drone. This drone was released as the world’s first smart drone as the makers claimed. The tag this drone carried along as a smart drone brought a lot of hype. Let us look review this drone and see whether it really lives up to the hype.

We just took a look at the Inspire 1 and, while my love of that drone isn’t diminishing any time soon, the Solo is slowing finding a place in my heart.

This drone comes with a double Linux computer! The first part of the computer is in the controller, and the other one is in the 3DR Solo drone. This is a very good feature as it enable the commands and functions to be processed quickly. It has an LED light system that allows you to use your drone better at night. This light also informs you better on the direction it is pointing at night.

The motors of this drone have a capacity of 880 Kv. This can be considered as the perfect combination of speed and torque. Comparing to other drones that have a capacity of 3000 Kv, you will see that they lack the required torque to do things such as flying in the wind. The capacity of this drone is, therefore, perfect at 880 Kv as it combines the speed, power, and torque perfectly.

The drone has a 5200 mAh battery that is fairly good considering its capacity. With the computer controlled flight system, the drone can use efficiently the power got from the battery. If the camera is not on board, you can get around twenty-five minutes of flight and five fewer minutes when the camera and the gimbal are installed. The controller has a 2600 mAh battery that can last for up to four hours. There is an LED indicator that helps you keep track of the battery power of the drone.

The 3DR solo drone has a high strength quality glass fortified props that make it more durable. It also comes with an accessory bay where you can keep several items in for instance the spare batteries, custom parts. The benefit of this accessory bay is that it makes it easier to store all the items affiliated with the drone.

This drone has a flight simulation app that allows you to practice on flying this drone so that you don’t crash the drone. The drone is quite costly and replacing it might not be very easy.

One feature of this drone that makes it different from the others is it’s ability to record footage in a very exquisite way. Taking an example, this drone has a feature called Cable Cam that when turned on, switches the drone into autopilot allowing you to control the camera.  Another feature known as the Orbit automatically makes the drone circulate round an object you define while keeping the camera locked on the object.

As seen above, this drone is generally a good buy. It has several good features and benefits that make it stand out from the rest. I would say that it is worth a try.

Falling In Love With a Feature-Full Quad Called The DJI Inspire 1

dji inspire 1
The DJI Inspire 1, in all it’s geeky, game-style goodness.

DJI’s most popular drone called the Inspire 1 is an easy to fly quadcopter that makes flying as simple as possible. You just need one tap to make your multicopter fly and start filming and another tap to prepare it for landing into the ground. Everything that you need is included in its package, you just have to add your mobile or monitor in order to use the wireless HD view. And while it’s not a waterproof quad, like the ones we’ve seen recently, it’s chocked with way more features.

The Features Of the DJI Inspire 1

1. Advanced camera and gimbal system

The new camera allows you to capture clear images. It can easily be removed from the aircraft once you decide to have an upgrade. The gimbal system holds the camera and provides stabilization, steady and smooth footage even with the wind interference.

2. Wireless HD video

The 720p HD view gives the users the chance to see exactly what the camera captures. It can transmit video from up to 2 kilometers away from you.

3. Full-featured application

You can install the mobile application to your IOS or Android device and you’ll get the chance to view what the multicopter sees. You can also control the flight settings like the speed, altitude and distance and the camera settings including the white balance, ISO and exposure.

4. Remote controller

The transmitter operates on 2.4 GHz and it features dedicated buttons for capturing videos and photos and for controlling the gimbal. It also has a 6000 mAh battery that allows longer use. You can also purchase another transmitter and control the quadcopter with your friend. When there are two people controlling the aircraft, one of them may become the pilot and the other one may control the camera and the gimbal. Each of them can have their own screen to see what is being shot.

5. Retractable carbon arms

This serves as the DJI Inspire’s landing gear when it reaches the ground. When it is in the air, these arms can be retracted so that it won’t obstruct the views of the camera.

6. Live map

The live map lets you see where exactly your multicopter is at. This can be enlarged for better viewing.

7. Dynamic Home Point function

When the GPS is turned on, the home point will automatically change based on your location. The home point refers to the place where the multicopter shall return once the auto-return key is activated. This is useful especially when you are traveling.

8. Durable and lightweight components

The parts of the multicopter are light and do not consume too much operational life. This can ensure that you’ll have long flight times.

The DJI Inspire 1 comes with an intelligent battery that shows the remaining power live on the transmitter. This feature helps you to know how long you can continue operating the multicopter. With its amazing features, Inspire 1 is a complete package. Moreover, it comes from one of the trusted companies comes to aerial platforms so you can be guaranteed that the device will last longer.

A Drone With A Sonar Fish Finder Really Works!

You can get to know how to fish with a sonar fish finder on a drone, and become a well equipped futuristic fisherman! A lot of people aren’t familiar with this technology, so this will service as an overview of how to get into it. Then you’ll be catching fish in a new and effective way.

How to find a drone with this technology:

You can find those that are equipped with waterproof parts that let you dip into the water and look around even. There are some that also let you fly the hook to varying locations and drop it in so you don’t have to spend time trying to make the perfect cast into an area where you know there are fish. If you’ll be building this yourself, you can add spaces for later attachments as you fish and figure out what you work better.

The benefit of this is that when you fish, it can take hours to find a suitable spot. Why not just fly your drone around large areas to see where fish are and then take a boat out there and get started? While you may enjoy the quiet waiting that comes along with fishing, there will be times when there are limits. There’s also the capability to compete with others if it’s allowed and you can easily outmatch them with this. Boats have been equipped with sonar for a long time, but now it’s possible to make this process a lot faster through remote controlled drone technology.

Many fishermen are looking up ways they can improve this technology and they are putting out drones often in recent days. What this means is that you need to keep your eyes peeled for machines that are being released through things like crowdfunding because you may see that someone has invented something that you can invest in to get early and beat out other people. You can even put your ideas out there and get funding for them if they’re good, so be sure to check out crowdfunding sites and search them for fishing drone technology to see what you find.

A great device is one that lets you change attachments depending on your situation:

They have made a few already that let you have a tackle box for your drone where you can switch what it does depending on the task at hand. Want to have a sensor that can figure out when it’s close to water so it can switch to its camera to check out what’s under it? These types of things will make waiting around for fish and just guessing obsolete, and sonar technology is small enough to fit into a drone already.

Sonar fish finders attached to drones are a fantastic investment. You’ll be able to get out to areas otherwise inaccessible by boat. You’ll also find it to be far faster than traveling around looking for a spot since it’s smaller and faster than your boat.