How To Repair A Truck Bed Cover When You’re On Set And In A Bind
November 18, 2016

Sometimes you’re out shooting photos on the set, and something goes wrong. Now, It wasn’t necessarily the design. We were crawling all over the thing to get the perfect shots for the client. Nonetheless, here’s how we repaired it and were able to get the photo shoot to go well.

Featured Photographer: Mrs G

Installing a tonneau cover on your truck is an ideal option if you need to protect cargo from bad weather and from potential burglars. A tonneau cover will also protect your truck bed from damages. Tonneau covers can go through a lot of wear and tear and you might have to fix your cover.

You can fix a tonneau cover yourself if it is not too badly damaged. Trust us, we know. Holes and tears can appear in your cover and can be fixed with a simple repair kit. You can find liquid patch repair kits that are a good option if you only need to fix a small hole. It is best to purchase a patch that you can apply over a larger tear if a liquid repair kit will not be enough to cover the tear or hole.

You might also have to replace fasteners or other parts that are needed to properly attach the tonneau cover over the truck bed. You can fix your tonneau cover by ordering new fasteners or buttons but make sure you purchase parts that will be compatible with your cover. A broken fastener or missing button might not seem like a major issue but it could actually result in damages to the rest of the cover and might make it difficult to keep the cover in place.

There might be issue with the tension in your cover. If you cannot keep the tonneau cover tight enough over the truck bed, try adjusting the tension in the plungers located at the front of the tonneau cover. If the plungers do not work properly or if you constantly have to adjust the tension, replace the plungers.

You can repair your tonneau cover yourself if the issue is easy to identify and if you are confident that you will be able to install the repair kit or replace the missing or damaged part. However, it might be best to take your tonneau cover to a professional repairman if you do not have the right tools or are not sure how to fix the issue.

You can prevent damages to your tonneau cover by checking it regularly to make sure it is properly attached to the truck bed. Check the tension in the cover and adjust it when needed. Remove and store the cover properly when you don’t need it and clean it regularly with some water and dish soap. If your cover is damaged and difficult or too expensive to fix, you should consider buying a new one instead.

You can fix a tonneau cover yourself as long as no major repairs are needed. It is usually best to buy a new cover instead of paying for major repairs. If there is a problem with your tonneau cover, try fixing it as soon as possible since driving with a damaged tonneau cover could cause more tears in the cover and could even result in damages to your cargo. Look for a professional repairman if you are not sure how to fix your tonneau cover! Better yet, find a professional photographer who’s had to repair one in a hurry.

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